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I want to be a designer, what can I learn at The SDS, how to integrate your design school ?


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we lead our students to be
sustainable designers.

in five years

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Achieve an MA in Sustainable Design and Innovation

The Sustainable Design School’s teaching methods are based on ‘hands on’ learning. The central emphasis is upon carrying out sustainable innovation projects in with a multidisciplinary group of students, in partnership with companies and industry partners who are interested in confronting their prospective views with those of the students.

Regardless of your previous educational experience, you can integrate our design school.

a new vision of design


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Green growth will provide between 15 and 60 million new jobs world-wide over the next 20 years

How to integrate the school

learn differently

learning by doing

we lead our student to be sustainable designers .
Work with major companies and experts; actors of change

Right from your first year, you will learn by participating in professional projects with major partnership companies. It is your opportunity to face the tangible problems facing the world head on. You will create your own network and should seize this opportunity to find internships and employment.

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These firms are focused upon sustainable design
and are our partners
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