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The mission of The SDS is to allow the encounter of a new generation of creative, curious students who are concerned about our planet, with enterprises and industries that are looking for new talents in design and sustainable innovation.


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Design strategic consulting
Co-founder of The SDS

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Professor at Polytechnique School
Co-founder & Director of The SDS

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Naval architect
Co-founder of VPLP Yacht Design
Co-founder of The SDS

The founders
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Openness &
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sustainable innovation for all


A creative and passionate approach to sustainable innovation
Put the person at the center of the design

A strong and common conviction has guided our work in founding the Sustainable Design School: the profound changes occurring in the world today require us to approach innovation in an entirely different, radical way. By sharing our reciprocal pedagogic and professional experiences, we are convinced that : design, as a means of thinking, plays an essential role in new, sustainable innovation for all. This way of “design thinking” puts the person at the center of the design, with a global and creative approach dedicated to design scenarios.

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They allow us to rethink and discover new uses, to imagine original services, to create products and relevant business models in the current context of green growth. This methodology is broadened and enriched by overlapping with other fields of innovation: social sciences, engineering, architecture, marketing, management…and on an international level, due to human and cultural diversity worldwide.

educational staff

All teachers are active professionals

Florian Gautherot
Yacht Designer
Christine Truc Modica
design thinking
Cedric de Bruyen
Graphism Teacher
Carol Brand
Nicolas Buttin
Biomimetism & Upcycling Teacher
Vincent Gaunord
Freelance Designer – 3D teacher
Valerie Salone
Marketing Consultant, Project Ecosystem
Tore Gulden
System conception
Isabel Cunha
Drawing Teacher
Hervé Bertarione
Rough Teacher
Mara Wylder
Watercolor Teacher
Maxime Le Quément
Video Teacher
Jonathan Aucomte
Character Design
Catherine Barbaro
Artist, Illustrator
Grant Linscott
Design & Creative Thinking Teacher
Alexis Robin
Storyboard Teacher
Emmanuel Fillot
Artist & Poetic Teacher
Gilles Bellaïche
Industrial Designer / Production Workshop Manager
David Morin Ulmann
Philosophy Teacher
Catherine Lenglet
Head of creation, Design of knowledge
Alain Giraud
James Toleman
Industrial Designer, Material’s strenght
Lydie Elias
Ergonomist & Sociologist of uses
Pascal Bardel
Industrial design & Partnership Teacher
Olivia Lisicki
Open Innovation & Co-creation
Ivan Bellia
“Niaque” & Partnership Teacher
Philip Nemeth
Industrial designer / Rough Illustration
Alexandre Mensah
Artist, Aesthetic Design
Ken Bills
Car Designer, Sketchs and rough at Toyota
Jean-Marc Fuselier
Perspective Teacher
Indiana Pouilly
Design Manager & Partnership Teacher
François Henry
Marketing Teacher
Nathalie Gatto
Adobe software Teacher
Jean Girard
Chrystel Simone
Eco-Designer, Circular Economy teacher
Nathanael Abeille
Claire Ery
english teacher
Mahe Gaucherot
Design History Manager
Laurent Bouzige
Diploma Project Manager
(Industrial Design Toyota)
Quentin Bezier
Philippe Costard
Industrial Designer & Poetic Teacher
Eric Peinado
Marketing Teacher
Philippe Hameau
Anthropologist & follow-up of thesis

Coming from different and complementary fields, the teaching staff is international. Passionate and enthusiastic about giving their time to transmit their expertise, the educators take pleasure in accompanying the students to help them reveal their creative talents and develop a responsible global vision.

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Université Côte d’Azur


The Université Côte d’Azur (UCA) is a community of universities and establishments (ComUE) with a vocation in « research ».

The SDS is a member of the UCA to highlight the collaborative and transversal aspects of innovation. The diversity of the schools and research centers present will facilitate the encounter of teaching methods, professions and expertise. One of the priorities of the UCA is to develop innovation and design as well as all of the new methods and techniques related to it. The SDS will play a significant role in this.

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The school provide future Ph.D.’s with high-level scientific training and prepare them for their future careers.

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