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Maurille Larivière, Patrick le Quément and Marc Van Peteghem, co-founders of the Sustainable Design School, share together a common belief.

The founders

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We are : Maurille Larivière, Patrick le Quément and Marc Van Petegem, designers and naval architect.
A powerful and shared conviction has guided our work towards founding the Sustainable Design School : the profound changes taking place in the world requires a radically different approach to innovation. Sharing our individual teaching and professional experiences has convinced us : Design, as a way of thinking, is going to become a major influence to create a new approach to sustainable innovation for all.
This «design way of thinking» puts Man at the epicenter of every development, it is based on a creative and global approach dedicated to scenarios. It enables to rethink or rediscover new usages, to imagine services that are both new and original, to create products and often relevant business models, within a current context of green growth. To become open and rich, this methodology is shared with the other innovative professions : social sciences, engineering, architecture, marketing, management... all this within an international framework, thanks to human and cultural diversity.
«In the begining, I thought that I was fighting to save the rubber trees; then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazonian forest. Now I know that I am fighting for humanity». 
Chico Mendès, Brazilian trade unionist
Maurille Larivière
Co-founder Strate Collège, Professor Ecole Polytechnique Paris
• Created and directed his own global design agency,
• Conceived and directed the diploma phase of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Paris,
• Co-founded and directed the design institute Strate Collège - Paris, 500 students, 150 teachers, Level 1 diploma, European Masters and recognised globally by Business Week,
• Professor of design at l’Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, and at the d.School Paris-Est,
• Teacher of industrial design and innovation in the Ecoles Polytechnique and Mines de Paris,
• Co-founded, and elected Vice President of France Design Education, association representing the design institutes of France.
Patrick le Quément
Designer, Strategic Advisor Design & Management.
• Automobile designer at Simca, then Ford, where he directed the Design Centre at Ford in Germany,
• Director Advanced Design at Groupe Volkswagen-Audi,
• Senior Vice President Industrial Design at Renault, and the Goupe Delta, performance improvement
R & D,
• Senior Vice President Design and Quality, and simultaneously named member of the Board of Directors at Renault,
• Chaired the Joint Design Policy Group, Renault-Nissan,
• Named Chairman of the board of Directors of l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle.
Marc Van Peteghem
Naval Architect, Co-founder VPLP Yacht Design.
• Designed the trimaran BMW Oracle winner of the 33rd America’s Cup in 2011,
• Designed racing yachts for the most renowned sailors (Florence ARTHAUD, Jimmy SPITHILL, Laurent BOURGNON, Olivier de KERSAUSON, Frank CAMMAS, Eric TABARLY),
• Designed l’Hydroptère (Alain THEBAULT),
• Designed the series of Lagoon sailing catamarans for Bénéteau, and the world’s largest custom catamarans,
• Involved in the Bangladeshi NGO Friendship, and one of the founding members of NGO Watever,
• Hosted a series of workshops on the Master programme in naval design at l’Istituto Europeo Design, Venise.

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