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Découvrir la culture française avec The SDS à Nice ou partir explorer le monde pendant le cursus à l’étranger : le résultat sera enrichissant et inattendu, avec une experience incroyablement humaine.


la culture de l’international


The encounter of people from all parts of the world sharing the same passion

The construction of international exchange programs responds to one major goal: learning how to respect. People, cultures, nature, life on this planet, yourself, and much more. There are many aspects to this statement. Some of them are linked to the professional input and the learning process via the teaching that students receive at partner institutions. Others nourish the individual soft skills, such as learning languages, gaining self-confidence, adaptability, becoming pro-reactive and being open minded. In our global world, the designer is constantly faced by the challenge of developing products and services, in respect of the environment, for people from various backgrounds and countries.

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The personal international experience plays a major role, considering that it helps to mind different user scenarios and to include them into a broad design approach. Specific situations of the daily life are not described in travel guides, and can only be observed and hold back inside the traveller’s memory. It is the deep understanding how people in other countries work, live, communicate and behave. How their entire environment responds to the cultural rules, that have evolved throughout centuries. Successful design unfolds, once the complexity of the world becomes a key inspiration for innovation.

Seeing that students enhance their portfolio of capacities and get to be confident professionals, is our goal for all of them, those who come to us, and those who go abroad.

9 universités


Özyegin University Faculty of Architecture and Design
Istanbul, Turkey
Tbilisi State Academy of Art
Universidad del Desarrollo Santiago & Concepcion
Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Bangalore, India
Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Naples, Italy
Jiangnan University School of Design
Wuxi, China
UCAL (Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de America Latina)
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota, Florida, USA
University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Les études à l’étranger permettent de comprendre les différences culturelles et économiques du monde

The SDS est depuis sa création une école qui sait réunir et croiser de multiples cultures et des personnes d’origines divers afin d’enrichir l’éventail des approches du design

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Par sa nature un designer est une personne curieuse et à la recherche d’inspirations multiples. Le fait de quitter son pays et de baigner dans un environnement culturel nouveau, est enrichissant et partie intégrale de la formation à ce métier. Une expérience internationale est ainsi valorisante à plusieurs niveaux : c’est un atout pour l’employabilité et elle a une influence forte sur le développement personnel des étudiants.

devenir un partenaire économique


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Hello I’m Inken Krevet,

Since 2015 I’m Director of International Academic Partnerships at The Sustainable Design School at Nice. My field of activity is the internationalisation in a large extend: student and professor mobility, the development of a network of international partner institutions with various outcomes, the development of international workshops and research. I’m fluent in German, French, English and Spanish.

Inken Krevet – inken.krevet@the-sds.com
Directrice des relations académiques internationales

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