A new vision of design


Since the beginning The SDS is a place where
different cultures and people of diverse origins cross their ways
and give birth to a broader approach of design.

Our current partner institutions

Özyegin University

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Istanbul, Turkey

Srishti Institute

of Art, Design and Technology

Bangalore, India

Jiangnan University

School of Design

Wuxi, China

Ringling College

of Art and Design

Sarasota, Florida, USA

Tbilisi State Academy of Art


The Second University of Naples

Naples, Italy


Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de America Latina


University of Buenos Aires

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism

Buenos Aires, Argentina

By his nature a designer is a curious person searching for multiple inspirations. The process of leaving the country of origin and adapting to a new cultural environment, is an integral part of becoming a designer.

This is why an international experience is of added value on different levels: it is a major asset for employability and it has a strong influence on the personal development of every student.

Information for outgoing students

How to choose ?

The most important aspect is to have a look at the course offer at the partner institution and to find information about the contents: you’re not going abroad as a tourist, you’re going to be a full-time student. Which are the courses that will complete best your personal portfolio of competences? Which country does intrigue you most about design? Do you have internship projects following your exchange semester? You’ll need to ask yourself the right questions, in order to establish this unique experience. At The SDS you’ll receive personalised coaching with the goal to meet your needs.

How does it work ?

There is no extra cost of tuition fee for an exchange semester. Only travel expenses, housing and living costs will have to be beard by yourself.

You’ll study abroad just like any other local student, being amidst many other international students, who live the same experience.

Once you’re back from the partner school, the academic credits (ECTS) that you have achieved there, will be integrated into your transcript of records at The SDS. Which means that your study experience has a full academic value.

The administrative steps

The agreements between partner schools and The SDS stipulate precisely a calendar and the necessary administrative steps to take.

The nomination

In the beginning of each semester The SDS organises an information workshop about international mobility. This will allow you to make your choice and send a wish list with a list of partner schools in order of priority to

The application

Once your choice has been accepted by the pedagogical responsible at The SDS, you’ll receive help in order to complete the administrative requirements of the chosen school.


From one institution to the other the check list may vary. But generally these are the documents needed for application:
– Copy of your valid passport (if the partner school is in Europe, ID card is sufficient)
– Portfolio
– CV
– Cover letter addressed to the partner school
– Application form with your signature
– Transcript of records of the last academic year
– Two photos (passport size)


When your application has been accepted by the partner institution, you’ll receive an official letter of acceptance. From this moment on you may start visa application if necessary and you may book your flight. The letter of acceptance does mention the exact dates when you have to be present at the partner school.


Some schools offer on-campus housing, some don’t. In any case you’ll receive sufficient help in order to find an appropriate place to stay. Housing has to be paid by your own means.

The choice of courses

Academic officers from the host institution will give you guidance to make your choice of courses. You’ll have to complete an official document called “learning agreement” where you will note down every single course of your choice. The agreement will be signed by yourself, by the pedagogical head of The SDS and by the person in charge at the partner school. However, in the beginning of the semester you’ll have two weeks’ time to change your mind and to change your courses, in case the content or the level is not according to your needs. In this case the “learning agreement” has to be modified and re-signed by all three signatories.

In general

The SDS supplies large help in order to guide you with all the different steps leading to your international mobility period. It is also very helpful and important that you do your own research about the country and the institution in order to get familiarised with the new environment. And it is of major importance to be reactive and to collect all the required documents way ahead of the announced deadlines, in order to enhance your chances to be accepted.

During your time abroad

You’re going to be the ambassador of The SDS abroad. This is why you are requested to be sincere, serious and implicated during your stay.

Not to forget – You’re also requested to deeply enjoy the time you spend abroad! Go ahead, meet people, travel and discover the country during weekends, take part at the events organised by the students of the host institution. And even if you have minor problems, please don’t hesitate to speak about it with the local administrators or with the team of The SDS, which is at your disposal.


Information for incoming students

The SDS is proud and happy to receive each year more and more international students. The offer of courses in English is large enough to welcome international students on any level. Since our teaching method is based on learning by doing with a large proportion of time invested in working on corporate projects, it is of major added value for The SDS and for the companies involved to have international input. International incoming students will experience corporate relation and the French way of responding to Design demands from large or medium size companies.

In order to help international students with all logistic questions and also in order to make them feel home at The SDS, our student’s association “welc’home” is at your attention. Incoming students will be linked to The SDS before their arrival at Nice through Facebook network and direct email contact.

Eligibility for application to exchange studies at The SDS

Between your home institution and The SDS there has to be signed a bilateral agreement, mentioning the possibility of student exchange. Please get in touch with the international office at your home institution to find the list of partner institutions.


The officer of the international office of your home institution has to send an official nomination by email to


Once your nomination has been send, you may start to gather different documents in order to complete your application.


All the following documents are necessary for your application:
– A completed application form with photo
– Portfolio
– CV and Cover letter
– Transcript of records of the previous year
– Copy of passport
– Language certificate or short letter from language teacher (English or French)


Once your application has been accepted, you’ll receive an official letter of acceptance from The SDS. Now you can book your flight and organise your exchange semester at Nice.

Information and student handbook

– you can find institutional information about The SDS in :
The Fact sheet
– and useful information about living in France and Nice in :
The international student handbook

« Hi, we are happy to receive you at our school. We will be your buddies during your exchange semester. We hope to see you soon to share good moments with you, to learn and discover new things together. » Welc’home Team

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